Eastman Outfitter Hunting Blind

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I've hunted a lot of places where you just can't use a treestand. Whether it's a hot trail through a thicket, a fence row on the edge of a field, or just a section of woods that doesn't have a good, straight, mature tree to hang a stand in, conditions like this will force you to a ground blind.
The cream of the crop when it comes to ground blinds has to be the Eastman Outfitter Undercover Pro 360. This blind uses a camouflage mesh shell that gives its user complete 360 degree vision, without the need to open windows to peer through. This is a truely innovative idea that you can appreciate if you have ever hunted from a traditional ground blind. No more opening windows, and peering from side to side on the lookout for approaching game. No more being surprised by a deer that approaches from a direction where you didn't have line of sight through an open window. These are all drawbacks of traditional ground blinds that are solved by the Undercover Pro 360.
This blind also has realistic 3D leaves that cover the entire blind, helping it to blend in better with the surrounding cover. It has a total of 11 windows that open with silently to give you access to numerous potential shooting lanes without spooking your game. Eastman has also integrated brush loops that allow you to attach brush and vegetation from the surrounding area. This will allow the Undercover Pro 360 to disappear in the surrounding vegetation as it takes on the look of the existing area.
They have also added a built-in carbon lining that reduces odor and human scent to help you beat a deer's nose. While you can easily see out of this mesh blind, the game can't see in. The shoot-through mesh is ideal for bow hunters.
This blind can be set up and taken down in seconds, and has a backpack carrying bag for easy transporting to and from your hunting area. When set up, the Undercover Pro 360 is approximately 6.25 feet long x 6.25 feet wide x 5.5 feet tall.
This blind is more than roomy enough for a comfortable hunt. If you don't like heights and prefer not to get into a treestand, then a ground blind is the way to go.

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