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Kentucky Bow Season Opener

The 2009 - 1010 Kentucky bow season opened on September 5 for statewide bow hunting. With Labor Day falling as late as it possibly could on the calendar this year, we had a three day weekend to work with. While I was eager for the season to start, I wasn't eager to get out in the forcast 80 degree weather.
After some Sunday night rains, the temperatures were much more bearable for Monday - Labor Day. Unfortunately, torrential downpours hit the area. While I'm a die-hard hunter, I also realize the it is a long bow season, and I opted to stay bag today's hunt. Activity on the Kentucky hunting chat boards was light, so I don't think I was alone in my decision. radar
The temperatures can make these early September hunts tough. Mosquitos and other 'pests' still have the run of the woods, and I look forward to those first frosts to start cutting down on their activity. The deer movement is typically light this time of year, with your best opportunities being just after sun up and right before sunset. The cooler weather that will come with help to start dropping the foliage, which will open up some more shooting lanes. Until then, I'll play it by ear, and hunt when the conditions are right.

Early Season Bow Hunting

I am definitely ready for the bow season to get here.  September 5 is opening day in Kentucky.  While I am eager to get in the stand, it can be tough hunting on those early days of the season due to the heat.

It isn't uncommon to see days in the 90's still in early September.  It gets so hot, that not much of anything moves during the day.  It seems the only good time to be in a stand is for that first hour after sunrise, and that last hour before sunset.  That is typically when all the action is.

It can be tough to keep you scent down this time of year.  You break a sweat just walking into the woods, especially if you are carrying any gear.  You can be dripping sweat by the time you climb the tree to get into a stand, especially if you are using a climber.  For early season hunts, I definitely prefer having a hang-on stand ready and waiting for my.  Some screw in steps, or ladder sticks are ideal.  I like to hunt high this time of year to keep my scent from being as much of a factor.  With all the foliage still on the trees, I typically end up having to cut some shooting lanes.  The higher up you hunt, the more of an issue that canopy becomes.

I have to admit that I am sometimes hesitant to shoot in the hotter weather.  You have to rush to field dress your game, and get it to the processor as quickly as possible to minimize the chances of spoilage.  Bags of ice in the body cavity can buy you more time.

While I definitely look forward to the bow season opening, what I really look forward to is the cooler weather coming in.  The deer start moving more, and you aren't so rushed to keep you game from spoiling.  Either way, I'll be happy to see it get here.